FAS-420-TM-HB Gehäusesockel

Commercial Type Nr.: FAS-420-TM-HB
Product No.: F.01U.078.494
VEPOS 3374
App.Schl. 5775

FAS-420-TM-HB Gehäusesockel
  • For connecting to the fire panels FPA-5000 and FPA‑1200 with LSN improved technology
  • High deceptive alarm immunity with intelligent signal processing LOGIC·SENS
  • Innovative fire source identification technology allows the exact location of the fire to be pinpointed by monitoring up to five distinct zones
  • Innovative airflow monitoring including single-hole monitoring detects obstruction and breakage
  • Installation and commissioning made easy by plug-and-play function
  • Easy to diagnose using FAS‑ASD‑DIAG Diagnostic Software
  • Simple implementation of the pipe system planning through patented Aspiration reducing Film Sheets
  • Preservation of LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruption or short-circuit through two integrated isolators

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FAS-420-TM Serie Ansaugrauchmelder LSN improved version

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