SMF121 Manueller Melder, Funk

Commercial Type Nr.: SMF121
Product No.: F.01U.032.390
VEPOS 3216
App.Schl. 5775

SMF121 Manueller Melder, Funk
  • Highly efficient thanks to simple installation, flexible expandability and automatic configuration
  • High level of transmission and functional reliability
  • Transmission path monitoring
  • Optical RF Smoke Detector with outstanding interference immunity
  • Up to 30 Optical RF Smoke Detectors or up to 10 RF Manual Call Points per RF Expansion Module can be connected
  • Maintains LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruption or short-circuit thanks to two integrated isolators

Gehört zu

LSN Funk-Brandmeldesystem

Das LSN Funk-Brandmeldesystem verfügt durch die Anwendung des neuen SRD-Bandes (Short Range Devices-Band) über hohe Übertragungs- und Funktionssicherheit.