AWAG S7002Q, Automatisches Wähl- und Ansagegerät, mit Netzteil

Commercial Type Nr.: 2799340198
Product No.: 2.799.340.198
VEPOS 0167
App.Schl. 5520

AWAG S7002Q, Automatisches Wähl- und Ansagegerät, mit Netzteil
  • Digital speech recording for announcement and alarm texts
  • Monitoring of the telephone line voltage
  • Absolute operating priority on the telephone connection
  • Sabotage/blockage clearance
  • Event memory specifying time and date
  • Real-time clock with automatic daylight savings time change and leap year adjustment
  • Years-long data storage through lithium battery
  • 2 alarm lines
  • Resistance monitoring of alarm lines can be programmed
  • 1 alarm text can be programmed per alarm line
  • 1 power unit fault signal input
  • Input for disabling the call circuit (AR-AUS)
  • 1 programmable output
  • 10 telephone numbers
  • 4 telephone numbers can be freely allocated per alarm line
  • Pulse or tone dialling can be programmed
  • Übersicht
    AWAG S 7002Q, pulse/tone dialer
    Power supply voltage 10.2V DC - 15V DC
    Standby current consumption 19 mA approx.
    Operating current consumption 190 mA
    Permitted ambient temperature 0°C . . +50°C
    Colour RAL 9002 greyish white
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 310mm x 275mm x 111mm
    Environmental protection class in accordance with VdS 2110 Class II
    Power unit
    Reserve time for 60 hrs 30mA
    Reserve time for 12 hrs 160mA
    Power consumption 11VA
    Output voltage 12V DC (10.2V DC - 15V DC)
    Battery connection 12V/2 Ah
    Charge time to 80% 24h
    Dimensions (W x H x D) 147mm x 50mm x 100mm
    Power supply voltage 230V